Cognect supports those living with memory loss to maintain their independence for longer, keeping socially engaged with friends and family.

Using the Cognect app family or friends can send messages, set reminders and share photos to the secure Cognect screen.

Cognect can help remind

Schedule reminders to their cognect screen, for example;

  • You can set up several alarms beforehand so appointments aren’t missed.
  • Easily set up daily, weekly and annual reminders for regular events.
  • Choose which family members or friends can send or view reminders.

Let them know what's going on.

Send a message to their COGNECT screen
- Customise the screen to display multiple messages,

- Edit them or delete messages all from your phone.

- You control the messages from your app, so avoid unwanted texts or calls being received.

Share family moments or favourite memories

Send pictures from your phone to the Cognect screen.- The app allows you to manage all photo’s, for example, delete, keep or choose a selection of photos that you want to talk about right now.

  • Share photos from their past or of whatever you’re doing today

  • Caption every photo to help them remember easily

  • Choose how long you want each photo to display on the screen from 15 seconds to 10 minutes.

Reasons to sign up to Cognect today


How Cognect helps those living with Memory Loss

Enable your loved one to be more involved in family life and retain their independence.

How Cognect helps Families of those with memory loss

Cognect makes it simpler to remain in touch anytime of day